An Idaho MSA Savings Account is an account where a member can pay for medical expenses and possibly receive a State of Idaho income tax deduction** on deposits made to the account. These accounts are offered as a regular share savings, a share draft checking, or a share certificate. For more information please call us at (208) 884-0150 or (800) 223-7283.

Opening Deposit

There is no minimum deposit required to open a medical savings account.A primary membership savings with a $5 minimum deposit is required to open any Idaho MSA Savings, Checking, or Certificate. Idaho MSA Certificates require a minimum deposit of $500.


Dividends are computed daily and compounded quarterly. Dividends are credited to your account every quarter. Please see our rates sheet for current rates.

Service Charges

There are no service charges.

**Consult your tax advisor regarding potential tax benefits. For detailed information on how to use these accounts please visit Idaho MSA Savings Account via Idaho.gov.

Request a Medical Savings Account

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